Powder Mountain

Waiver & Risk Management

come ski the coldsmoke

We thank you for taking the time to consider booking your backcountry experience with us.

We pride ourselves on balancing mountain risk management with the customer experience and we look forward to taking you into the amazing Coast Range Mountians. There are numerous hazards involved in wilderness adventures and you can familiarize yourself with those at the HeliCat Canada website or download our "Release of Liability" waiver to review prior to booking your experience.

Review our "Release of Liability" waiver


To give you some insight into our risk management process a high level look into a day in the life of our team is as follows.

  1. 0715: Road sweep cat departs for the trails and the tour drivers get busy prepping the tour cats for the day.
  2. 0730: Guide assigned to hazard forecasting presents the avalanche hazard forecast for the day and discussion about terrain use follows.
  3. 0800: We suit up and boot up to be ready for guest arrival at 0820 or so.
  4. 0835: Guest receive a cat or heli orientation including safety procedures prior to departure. Some of the orientation will take place in the cat.
  5. 0930-14:30: Guiding team continously assess the hazards of the day.

      Our team of trained, professional guides have been operating in the area for years and look forward to showing you the amazing Coast Mountains!