How many people are in a group?

Each snow cat takes a single group of twelve people, two guides and a photographer. The most we ever have on our mountains are three snowcats. Unlike heliskiing, you have your own machine so you can bring a pack with anything you think you might need and leave it under your seat in the cat.

Each helicopter takes a single group of four guets plus a guide. We fly in different terrain from that used by our snowcats. The helicopter may be shared with one or two other groups of four guests, so you can't generally leave anything in the heli between runs.


How long is the cat ride up to do one run?

The first ride up in the cat takes anywhere from 25 minutes to a hour minutes before we drop in for the first run, depending on which of the 5 peaks we are skiing that day. After that the runs come quickly.

The average cat ride time is 10- 15 minutes for each run. Just enough time to recharge your energy, grab a snack or something to drink crack some jokes, make some friends.

Sometimes it seems like you just got in the cat at the bottom of the run and then suddenly you are back at the top getting ready to drop in. It's amazing how much fun and how social catskiing is.

How many cat runs can I do in a day?

We guarantee 7,000 vertical feet of skiing or riding. On an average day you can expect to do six to nine runs.

Is there a photographer?

We have professional photographers on the staff. Check out our photos and video.

How cold is it up there?

The temperature is typical for winter weather in BC.