What kind of skis do I need?

Fat skis make powder easy and require less energy to turn so you have more energy all day and get more skiing and more fun. If you don't have fat skis, rent them  in the village. You can thank us afterwards.

What kind of snowboard do I need?

We use and recommend Burton powder snowboards as they are designed for backcountry snowboarding. Not everything works in powder anymore. Get a powder specific board and double the enjoyment of your day.

Do I absolutely need powder skis or a powder board?

It depends on the conditions.

Almost always though, the answer is yes. Dedicated powder skis and boards will make your day much easier. If you are an EXPERT back country skier or boarder then whatever makes you stoked will work.

You can rent equipment in the village.

What should I wear?

We recommend the same clothing as you would wear at a ski resort. As our snowcats and helicopters are heated, there are plenty of opportunities to warm up between runs. You can bring extra clothes as you can store them in the cat in case you need them. Dress in layers as we have a wide variety of weather conditions and you may need to add or subtract a layer. You can't store extra gear in the helis between runs.

Goggles or sunglasses?

Bring both if you wish. Most of the time we all wear goggles, although once spring rolls around sunglasses are great. As we are in the alpine some form of eye protection is necessary. Our guides use and recommend Oakley Goggles and sunglasses.

What else should I bring?

For the cats, you may want to bring a backpack to carry your spare clothes in. Our guides use and recommend dakine backpacks. You can leave your bag in the cat so your gear is always close at hand.

For helicopters, you can still bring a backpack to carry your spare stuff in, but you can't leave it in the heli between runs so you'll have to ride with it. Our guides use and recommend dakine backpacks.

We have water, drinks, snacks and food on board, but your own stash never hurt. All safety equipment (shovels, probes, transcievers) is provided, but if you are more comfortable with your own by all means bring it.

What if I don't have my own equipment?

You can rent all the ski or snowboard equipment you need at the resort.