At  $1,050 Cdn+HST for 4 runs, we understand that a day heliskiing or heliboarding will not be the least expensive day on your ski trip. It has to be the best day of your trip, so that when you get home, all you think about is how to get back here, not what you paid. That's why we try to maximize the amount of skiing or riding you get. Everyone at Powder Mountain lives for powder days and powder runs. We want to share with you the most amount of skiing we can safely pack into a day. You won't find more skiing or more fun for the money. Anywhere.

At $549 Cdn +HST for a full day, Catskiing or Catboarding is your best bet for getting the most untracked snow for your money. A day spent at Powder Mountain Catskiing is a full day spent skiing or riding. An average day is 7-9 runs. We are as happy to ski more than the average as you are, and there's no charge for extra runs. You won't find a better powder day in Whistler.

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The best thing about a helicopter is that it can go pretty much anywhere. With our fully certified guides in the front seat sniffing out the best run every run. With skiing and riding on all aspects, there is seldom a day where we go skiing that isn't "Your Best Day Ever".

Helicopter groups have only four people, and any mismatch of abilities is minimized when we group guests so everyone has approximately the same ability. That way your day is the most fun, with the best skiing and a relaxed and truly enjoyable atmosphere.

If you need even more flexibility, give us a call and we'll see what we can work out.

Snowcats make it easy for us to choose the perfect runs for you regardless of your ability. With two certified guides and a relaxed pace, it's the ideal choice for those who want to learn to ride powder, or for those who can shred with the best.

Relax in the cat for a breather, or go for max vertical.


Powder doesn't last long in Whistler anymore. It lasts forever at Powder Mountain.

Our fully certified helicopter guides can sniff out the best run to make your day the best ever. With 387 square miles of terrain spread on mountains with runs on every aspect of the compass, the skiing is always un-tracked, un-hurried, un-crowded, and unbelievable. 

At Powder Mountain Catskiing, we never run out of powder. With a maximum 24 people skiing the 4,300 acres and five peaks, we run out of legs before we run out of fresh powder. Our powder is fresh, not farmed.

Catskiing is like the best day ever on Whistler Blackcomb, just without the crowds and the hardpack.

Book and Ski...

One of the best things about Powder Mountain is that it dumps snow like few places on earth. We get double to triple the snow Whistler Blackcomb receives in a season, depending on the year. The storms come off the ocean and slam into "our" mountains. Making for awesome skiing and riding.

It also makes for quite a few days where the helicopters are unable to fly. We're the only heliski company in Whistler that also has snowcats, so if it's impossible to fly, we go catskiing instead. You still get the best day ever, instead of sitting on a chairlift wishing you were having your best day ever. The Catski backup needs to be pre booked and comes with a seat charge.

There is nothing worse than booking your day heliskiing in October, waiting 3 months for "the day" and then being shut out and not skiing. The weather means that it happens a lot at other heliski companies in Whistler. It doesn't happen to Powder Mountain Heliskiing.


Helsking and Catsking are for everyone. If you can ski or ride Whistler Blackcomb, you can ski or ride with us.

We have runs from green circles to black and double black diamonds.

The first run of every day is always a "Let's get acquainted" run so we can gauge your ability and then tailor the day to you and your skiing ability. When you come with Powder Mountain Heliskiing and Catskiing, the day is all about you and the other guests, not us. Our job is to deliver the most fun possible skiing or riding terrain for your ability.

Our Snowcats can take people skiing in all conditions. The snowcat doesn't get shut down due to weather like our helicopters do. When you book a seat and spend months looking forward to getting the powder skiing you have dreamed of, you get it. Some of the best days we have are when it's snowing so hard helicopters are unable to fly: the harder it snows the better the skiing.

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Your safety is our prime concern. We constantly monitor snow and weather conditions throughout the day so you can be as safe as possible in the backcountry. Everyone wears a transceiver and is trained to use it during our safety orientation session.

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