A Couple of Weeks In Advance

Rent some fat skis or a powder snowboard. You definitely want to be skiing on fat skis, or riding a dedicated powder board (see our FAQ).

Burton is one of our sponsors and they make great powder snowboards. Half the effort, twice the fun.

Tell Summit you're coming with us and they will set you up with the right gear. The money it costs for rentals is worth every penny when you have the best day ever because you had the right tool for the job.

Drop us a line if you have any special dietary needs. Our lunches are awesome. No matter what your needs we will make you a great lunch.

The Day or Evening Before

Get a hot wax done on your skis or board and your day will be so much better. You don't get as tired and you have more fun when you glide instead of having a slow board or skis.

Pick up your rentals from the village and scope out our office, so you can roll up half asleep the next day and look like a local. You need to visit our office to sign your waiver.

The Day of your Trip

Meet us at our village location. If you need to buy breakfast before you go, arrive early. It's right beside Starbucks on the Village Stroll so the coffee is ON.

Dress for the weather, like you would for a regular day at a ski resort. We ski runs in the high alpine and tree runs in the sub alpine. Layering is always the best way. Having the correct clothes will help you have a great day. Bring an extra sweater/goggles/gloves if you like. It's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Bear in mind that you can't leave any extra gear in the heli, although if you're riding a snowcat there's lots of space.

We have healthy hearty sandwiches on board as well as snacks for you to nibble on, plus bottles of water. Keeping your energy up with great food and hydration is a big part of staying warm and having energy to ski and ride our great snow.

Bring a friend, so when you get home you have someone to re-live the epic day with. Your friend can also back you up on your stories when no one believes how good the snow was and how much fun you had.

Remember you aren't at a ski resort. There is no rush.