07:45 am

Meet at 4154 Village Stroll at 07:45 am, to check in and sign your waiver.

Be dressed and ready to ski.

Please don't be late: we can't wait.

We drive guests in our 4x4 vehicle to our simple base lodge where we have a cozy fireplace and bathroom facilities. After a short talk on the day's proceedings and a short helicopter or snowcat safety briefing, we load up and head out into the backcountry.

After that, it's time to get our first taste of the day's snow. You will be at around 6,500 feet altitude ready for the first run of the day. The first run is always mellow to let everyone get warmed up, and to allow the guides to get an idea of the ability level of the group.

The groups' ability and snow conditions determine what kind of terrain and runs we will be riding.

2:45pm- 3:00pm

The end of your day we either get in the cat for the ride down, or if you have the legs for it you can ride the cat road. That can be a bit hectic so please ride in the cat if you're at all unsure about it.

In the helicopter, the day's end depends on how many extra runs you decide to do.


You return to our Base Lodge, then transfer into our 4x4 vans and head back to Whistler.



You are usually back in Whistler by this time. Sometimes the weather makes for a slower drive back.